everyone always tells me how great and sweet i am and im like No and they think it’ s just me being stubborn and modest but im so terrible i cant do anything right im sad for no reason i have every reason to be happy but i cant appreciate anything i have because i suck i suck i suck and i wish i could trade places with someone who has cancer or something because there are so many people that have more potential than me and they just want to live and i havent gone a day without thinking about killing myself since i was 12 and its only getting worse and therapy doesnt help and neither does my medicine and i told myself at the beginning of this year when i finally got put on prozac that i would only stay here to make sure everyone around me was happy but i can’t even do that right and all i do is make people mad and upset and annoyed and if i could kill myself right now i would but there’s a handful of people that i couldn’t stand to do that to like my parents and my friends especially not on christmas and im just such a fuckup

who would like to volunteer to run over me with their car

  1. jacksongalaxy said: here is a virtual hug 4 you :(((
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